Asking price slashed for ghost town once known as Bikinis, Texas


The price has been slashed on a former Central Texas ghost town listed for sale earlier this year.

Bankersmith – which was briefly known as Bikinis, Texas, after it was acquired by an Austin-based “breastaurant” chain – initially went on the market in January for $1.5 million.

Eight months later, with no apparent takers, the 1.56-acre property at 7905 Old San Antonio Road in the Fredericksburg area has a new asking price of $975,000.

It continues to be marketed by the SkylesBayne commercial real estate firm.

ATX Brands, the owner of Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill, bought the ghost town in 2012 and, after substantial upgrades, operated it as Bikinis, Texas, for three years. Doug Guller, the company’s founder, said he found the town for sale on Craigslist.

The Bikinis, Texas, name was abandoned in 2015, with ATX Brands reverting to the town’s original name, Bankersmith. The property has since been used as a venue for private events such as weddings and corporate parties.

Amenities include a dance hall, a saloon and an old-school tour bus that at one time was set to be converted into a bar.

“We decided to put the town up for sale because Fredericksburg real estate is in high demand and we’d love to see it realize its potential,” Guller told the American-Statesman earlier this year.

The entire property can accommodate about 3,000 people, ATX Brands has previously said.

SkylesBayne’s proposed uses for the site include a distillery, brewery, winery, dancehall, saloon, restaurant, tasting room, lodging, event venue, motorcycle bar or museum.

ATX Brands’ ownership of the town was rocky pretty much from the start. Many nearby residents were angered when they learned of the company’s plans. The news made for titillating headlines in Central Texas and around the world.

A grand opening event featuring “Baywatch” actress Carmen Electra drew a capacity crowd, but also attracted upset neighbors who photographed the license plates of attendees from the side of the road.

Changing the name back to Bankersmith was intended to help mend fences, Guller said in 2015.


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